Passage of the Day: Training Poem

Training is my medicine.

Training is my escape.

I love training.

I hate training.

I get excited about training.

I dread training.

With training I survive one more day.

Without training I can rest.

Training is my meditation.

Training is my release.

Going into the dungeon, it’s the closest thing to home.

It is my home.

What would I be without the barbell?

What would I be without the music and the speakers?

What would I be without the pain?

What would I be without being sore and achy?

This is my home.

Training is my hobby, my escape, my meditation, my love, my friend, my misery, my excitement, my procrastination, my friend who is always there.

Training reminds me that at least for a small part of the day, I can feel strong regardless of what is going on.

This my home.


Passage of the Day: Is It Over?

This is one of the harder things in life. Letting go, breathing, and loving yourself when it seems like how in the hell is that possible after the bad things you’ve done.

Lifting barbells over my head is easy compared to that. Putting heavy 400 + lbs on my back and shoulders is easy compared to that.

God, thinking about how life and the gym intersect and relate – it’s easy to bleed in the gym. You can’t fake it in there. You can’t fake the work needed to get the results.

The same with life. It’s too easy to brush things under the rug. I do it in certain parts of my life and tell myself lies like it’s not important.

To love yourself is the single most important thing you can do right now. It doesn’t take currency. It doesn’t take any special material object or situation. You can start loving yourself now. God it hurts. It hurts to do it because most of us haven’t taken the time to start. So it’s uncomfortable. It stings. But you need to keep going even if you don’t like it right away.

I’ve said it before and felt it at times but the consistency of it is the real holy grail. Love is my religion. It has been at times and other times it’s been put on the back burner. But if I’m going to be worth a damn in this life, it needs to be front and center. Because if it’s not, life will be a lonely, lonely existence.

The keys are in our hands. Choose love. It’s harder than snatching 300lbs, cleaning 400lbs, squatting 500lbs, and any other thing in the gym. That stuff is cake compared to the journey of loving yourself consistently. It’s time to put it at the front of the line instead of “waiting for later.” Soon, there won’t be a later. We can’t afford, I can’t afford to be one of those people.

Love is a must.

Passage of the Day: Fall In Love

“Fall in love. Everyone is looking for love. Something to throw themselves into mind, body, and soul. Passion in life – passionate about someone or something, let it happen.”

“Choose a thing because you love it. Love is a gamble.”

God I hope it’s not over. I’ve been terrible. I hope there’s a second chance. It’s time to fall stupid in love. It’s time to fall, free-fall into the experience. Anything I “think” I would miss out on, those things I thought I would miss out on in the past, those things won’t be missed. They won’t be missed because I’m in love.