We too often think that those who achieve great things possess a larger brain or some innate talent, giving them the raw materials that we weren’t blessed with to transform themselves into geniuses and Masters. But through my research I’ve come to know that many of the greatest figures in history were mediocre students; they often came from poverty or broken homes; their parents or siblings did not display any kind of exceptional ability. Their powers did not appear in their early years, but were instead the fruits of intense labor and consistent routine.

Robert Greene, Author of 48 Laws of Power & Mastery 

Lately my driving thoughts have centered around making the most out of everything. Automating mundane parts of life to leave the other parts more creativity.

I’ve also been inspired by this quote. As a coach, seeing this and living it (I’ve still got a long ways to go) I feel empowered by the opportunity that is in front of me. The ability to spread this thought through my actions and words is a great responsibility. And I relish in it. The best part of my day is spent imparting the wisdom I have gained through failures onto my athletes. The payoff is seeing small changes over the course of a year. Molding boys and girls into men and women, strong men and women—mentally and physically is the most rewarding part of what I do.

Where you come from, what happened in your past, how bad it has been, no matter what, you still have a chance. That chance is consistent and intense labor at your craft. Few use this opportunity, this chance to its fullest. I challenge you to be different.

Shine your light


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