“some moments are nice, some are
nicer, some are even worth writing about.”

Charles Bukowski 

Chasing the atmosphere is an important part of improving in your craft. Most of the time you may be in your comfort zone due to location. For me, I am training out of the college I coach. This is essentially my gym. I train when time permits, usually lift on the same bar and same platform, and have control of the music. Now, using Tommy Kono’s wisdom we can force ourselves to use different bars, face a different direction, lift to different music, etc. But, the chances you get to “chase the atmosphere” at a different gym is essential to progress.

Today, I lifted at Black Hills Crossfit in Rapid City, South Dakota. I was unsure which Crossfit to go to but decided on this one for one reason or another. Being greeted with open arms and seeing the atmosphere, I knew it was the right choice. The owners enjoyed lifting heavy weights and it was anything goes. New gym, new bar, new atmosphere.

The people at the gym asked me what I was going to do and what my best lifts were. They seemed excited and were talking me up. For me, I told them I hadn’t done anything yet. Not having a lifting partner it was a great change of pace to lift with someone. We both PR’d on snatch (265lbs for him, 285lbs for me). It felt really good and it was great to see someone else succeed. Riding the wave, I clean and jerked a PR too (355lbs from 332lbs).

The point is not to show you my PR’s. It’s about going towards the atmosphere to bring the best out of yourself. Whatever craft, chasing the atmosphere is a surefire way to bring the best out of you.


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