“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”

No limits. Approaching life with the mindset of no limits allows us to be creative and attack. An example is in physical training. In weightlifting, there are two lifts: snatch and clean and jerk. Let’s say you are training and today you are doing the snatch. You usually hit around 110kg(242lbs) and 120kg (264lbs). Now, you could tell yourself these are the numbers you will hit. You could put the limit on yourself that this is what you are capable of doing today. Or, you could shut your brain off and simply train. Instead of doing the “normal” thing and training within your limits, approach the bar like it is a new day. Because it is!

Even if you are not a weightlifter you can surely appreciate the example. Approaching the day as “just another day” sets us up for drudgery and boredom. Approach life with a winner’s attitude. Don’t be so serious. Live with an attitude of gratitude, joyful expression, and care free attitude. These things can be done while still being on task.

Limits are like fears. If we choose to ignore them, we will go further than we could every imagine.

Be courageous!


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