It’s not about knowing if the decision will be right, decide and make the decision right

We make decisions every day. Some are more important than others. Choosing what to eat is an easy decision. Deciding whether a relationship with your significant other is a difficult one. Matters of relationships aren’t cut and dry. There’s a lot of variables involved.

I’ve listened to my gut instincts on relationship matters most of the time. Sometimes it has proved to be a mistake, but I listened. I believe if you listen to your gut instincts and act, it becomes stronger much like a muscle. But the reality is there is no right answer. Your decisions can cause pain. Moments of regret can occur. But once the decision is made, you’ve got to make your decision right – even if it feels wrong. What other choice do you have? Regret is a like an addictive drug that leaves you feeling sorry for yourself for too long. It weakens your spirit. Maybe if you would have made a different decision things would go back to the way they were. But you didn’t, and the decision you made is something you need to live with. Make it right.

Especially after relationships, you can feel lonely after being used to companionship. This is where the regret can pop up. It’s happened before though and you can make it through the pain. Remember, we are all capable of more than we can imagine. You can overcome anything in life. It may not be easy, the road may be tough, and it may not be how you want or imagined it to be – but you can do it. Believe in your ability to bounce back from adversity – even if you caused it. We are not perfect nor should we expect ourselves to be. Make your decisions right – forgive yourself and move on. You are worth it and the people around you deserve the best you moving forward.


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