“Getting your brain wired into little goals and achieving them, that helps you achieve bigger things you shouldn’t be able to do. It’s not just practicing the specific thing. It’s always making things more difficult than they should be, and never falling short, so that you have extra reserve, that tank, so you know you can always go further than your goal. For me that’s what discipline is. It’s repetition and practice.”

David Blaine

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Act As If

What I’m currently reading

Willpower: Rediscovering The Greatest Human Strength

This book is a gem. Highly recommended for both personal development and coaching/leadership development.

What book I’m currently digesting

The Little Book of Talent

As a coach, mentor, teacher, and someone who strives for kaizen (continuous improvement) I enjoyed this book. It’s a quick read and has actionable steps to take. It’s not about reading lots and lots of books for me, it’s about being able to use the books in my quest.

Current rituals

Noticing my mornings slipping in terms of time management, I’ve become more consistent with meditation. I’ve started with a guided meditation for 10 minutes and it has been a blessing.

For my current rituals that I do every day:

-write daily on blog

-meditate for 10 minutes

-100 reverse hypers, 100 back raises, 100 face pulls, 100 pull aparts

For my current rituals that I do weekly:

-read 1 book per week (currently ahead of schedule with 6 in 5 and a half weeks)

Fascination with willpower, habits, and self-control

The past few books I’ve read by Richard Wiseman (59 Seconds, The As If Principle) and the book I am on currently (Willpower) have sparked a fascination. Being driven by personal development these topics are giving me new insights, thoughts, and actionable steps to become a better me. A better me leads to better coaching – leading to better athletes. Reading is the gift that keeps on giving.

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