“In a group of five workouts, I tend to have one great workout, the kind of workout that makes me think in just a few weeks I could be an Olympic champion, plus maybe Mr. Olympia. Then, I have one workout that’s so awful the mere fact I continue to exist as a somewhat higher form of  life is a miracle. Finally, the other three workouts are the punch-the-clock workouts: I go in, work out, and walk out. Most people experience this.”

Dan John

5 minute flow


100 jump ropes

100 pull aparts

50 back raises

1 arm carry left arm 30-50 yards

10 swings

Goblet Carry 30-50 yards

10 swings

1 arm carry right arm 30-50 yards

10 swings

Waiter Walk 30-50 yards

10 swings


Power Clean +  2 Power Jerks 5×2

Squat 5×10 increase weight 10lbs from last week

Row 5×10 + RDL 5×10

Circuit x 3

20 plate front raises

20 plate triceps extensions

20 hammer curls


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