“It’s not where you start it’s where you finish”

Dan John

Have you ever started off excited about doing something new only to fizzle weeks later? A lot of us go through this and it is important to know why this happened. Maybe it was starting too many things at once. Science has shown us that willpower gets fatigued with each use and by starting out with one habit we can be more successful. Start with 2 or more and we begin to exercise our willpower more and more, draining it until we crack under pressure. Maybe it’s with a cigarette. Or maybe it’s with a soda.

Have you ever had the inner conversation that you aren’t good enough – that where you are in comparison to others is so far behind? At some point, all of us have had this negative self-talk. Instead of comparing, get started. Everyone has something they are working on to improve, just get started and you’ll be amazed at what can happen in one month. A simple poster board with boxes designating each day accomplishing your task is motivation and achievement built in one.

Create a checklist if you are on an unhealthy path.

-Did you get 8 hours of sleep?

Quality and quantity of sleep will allow you to make better decisions. Willpower is drained with limited sleep. Self-control is drained.

-Did I drink AT LEAST half my bodyweight in ounces of water?

It shouldn’t need to be said but most people don’t drink enough water. Not enough water leads to over-eating, fatigue, and weakening self-control.

-Did you exercise today?

Do something to move your body each day. Some people train for competitions while others do it to simply stay healthy. Keep your WHY in your vision to keep you going. For off days from the gym, I suggest the 5 minute flow from Max Shank.

-Did you write what you are grateful for today?

Gratitude journals are a surefire way to increase happiness, make you feel better, and start your day off on the right foot. Practice an attitude of gratitude.


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