Crazy Mistakes Strength Coaches Make

Coach Todd Hamer at EliteFTS covers 10 mistakes strength coaches make. Great read for any level of strength coach.

6 Lessons From the Last 6 Years

Chad Wesley Smith from Juggernaut Training Systems gives us what he has learned in the past 6 years.

Strength Training for Women: How Women Lift & Train Differently Than Men

Mark Rippetoe goes into great detail (as always) on the intricacies of training women. Picked up a few new things as I’m sure you will too.

Do These 3 Heavy Movements or Stay Weak

As always, Dan John gets to the point simply and succinctly. The overhead press has been absent from my own training and is getting back in there. Dan John cuts through the B.S. and is spot on here.

Unconventional Trap Bar Exercises

Ben Bruno is a trap bar extraordinaire and has many uses unknown to many. Step up your game with some new ways to use the trap bar.


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