“If it’s important, do it every day.”

Dan Gable

The legendary Dan Gable “is best known for his tenure as head coach at the University of Iowa where he won 15 NCAA team titles between 1976 and 1997. He is also famous for having only lost one match in his entire Iowa State University collegiate career – his last – and winning a gold medal at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, while not giving up a single point.” (Wikipedia) He finished with a collegiate record of 181-1 with 2 NCAA titles.

He is one of the best winners in the world of sports. His wisdom “if it’s important, do it every day” points to the fact of priorities. Whether it is writing, reading, squatting, wrestling, or making videos – the message is to do it every day.

Take Dan John’s wisdom for workouts as you apply the do it every day mentality to your craft,

“In a group of five workouts, I tend to have one great workout, the kind of workout that makes me think in just a few weeks I could be an Olympic champion, plus maybe Mr. Olympia. Then, I have one workout that’s so awful the mere fact I continue to exist as a somewhat higher form of  life is a miracle. Finally, the other three workouts are the punch-the-clock workouts: I go in, work out, and walk out. Most people experience this.”

Every damn day we need to be working on our craft. There are no excuses. It doesn’t mean every day will be perfect, all out, record setting days. It’s the accumulation – the endurance of continuing on each day. There are no overnight successes. “Overnight Successes” are built through hours and hours of toil. Nobody sees the early mornings and the late nights. They don’t see the training sessions that nearly break the person. They see the results. And then they want the results in the easiest way possible. This is bogus and moronic.

Put in the work – EVERY DAMN DAY. 


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