Brandon Carter Motivational Videos

Motivational videos are the start to my days. I wake up at 4am, drink water, read, start the coffee and then it’s time for motivational videos. While I’m getting inspired for the day, motivational videos fire me up. This is my time to get important tasks done for the day. Brandon Carter goes DEEP without reserve. He speaks with power. He is no holds barred and swears. It’s real and it gets me excited to kick the day’s ass.

Handstand Push Ups

For the past week, I practiced with an athlete (he was the sensei) 2x a week on walking into a handstand against a wall. My fears of falling limited my success. I wasn’t able to walk into the handstand myself and as a result needed help from him to push my legs up. Yesterday was the 4th “training” session. After getting better at by just doing it, I still kept missing. He started to give round about ways to achieve it with alternative techniques. I stopped him mid-sentence and told him “or I could just do it.”

Conquering fears is not about creating 17 bridges AROUND the obstacle. It’s about running through it without fear of the result. The next rep i CONQUERED my fear and walked into the handstand flawlessly. Then I kept practicing. I held one for a minute and other times knocked out 5 push-ups.

I always say “Do the thing you’re afraid to do” but haven’t been following that myself. Yesterday I did. The next challenge is to do handstand walks!

59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute

Richard Wiseman “expressed considerable skepticism about the self-help industry and Sophie politely interrupted me and essentially posed the question: are there any scientifically supported techniques that could help improve people’s lives in less than a minute?”

Here is a short list to what is backed by research rather than “self-help guru’s” snake oil techniques.

-Develop the gratitude attitude to improve happiness, optimism, and physical health

-Be a giver for a fast boost in happiness

-Praise effort over ability to promote overcoming challenges rather than fearful of failure

-Buy a potted plan for the office for a 15% increase in creative ideas

Self-help books are mental masturbation. It feels good. This book gives practical solutions that work fast.

Tier System

As I become more organized, the tier system for team sports is becoming more and more appealing. Joe Kenn, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Carolina Panthers developed the tier system as a total athletic development model. His expertise is renowned in the strength and conditioning industry, with good reason.

Having recently purchased The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook and reading half of it, it is showing me deficiencies in my own design of programs. I’ve dabbled in learning about the system but haven’t invested my energy fully. I’m beginning to do that now and It has led me to re-evaluate how I go about the process. It’s also giving me thoughts on how to maximize efficiency in the weight room as far as exercises go. Instead of having 3 posterior chain exercises, I’m leaning towards higher volume with 1 exercise. Anyways, it’s Joe Kenn’s book is one I highly recommend to help young strength coaches navigate through program design.


Just because a thing can be noticed, or compared, or fretted over doesn’t mean it’s important, or even relevant.

Better, I think, to decide what’s important, what needs to change, what’s worth accomplishing. And then ignore all comparisons that don’t relate. The most important comparison, in fact, is comparing your work to what you’re capable of.

Sure, compare. But compare the things that matter to the journey you’re on. The rest is noise.”

Seth Godin

What I’m Loving, Doing, Using & Reading is inspired by Tim Ferriss’ 5 Bullet Friday. Check it out here.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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