“See if you can catch yourself complaining, in either speech or thought, about a situation you find yourself in, what other people do or say, your surroundings, your life situation, even the weather. To complain is always nonacceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself into a victim. When you speak out, you are in your power. So change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.”

Eckhart Tolle

Slay the dragon in your life. Far too often people want pity for their problems. That’s for babies. This is too hard, I need some help, and why me statements are weak thoughts. You will still need to deal with your problems and challenges regardless of the complaining.

What is the dragon? A lot of time there isn’t any REAL thing. Most things can be accomplished through effort, consistency, and hard work. “Coach isn’t playing me”; are you working as hard as you can with a great attitude, consistently? Or do you show up when you feel like it? “My genetics limit me”; shut up. Don’t complain about your genetics. Work harder and create the skills that genetics don’t account for. Skill is developed through hours and hours of training. Combine that with an ounce of talent and the rewards will be immense.

Do you complain the day away? Do you have excuses for why you are not where you want to be? Do you blame others? That’s the story of a victim. You need to be saved. Your language dictates a savior; a hero to swoop down and grace you with his presence. This hero will make all your problems go away, not allowing you to face them yourself.

Or, you could be your own hero. You could save yourself from the mediocrity the world tries to put on you. You could say “today is the day” and work on yourself. You could stop being a baby who needs coddling and praise for every little thing you do.

Man or WOman the F*** up and be the hero in your own life!


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