For videos on how to do certain exercises, visit VIDEOS here

5 minute flow; use Max Shank as a starting off point below


-100 Band Pull Aparts

-45 Face Pulls

-50 Back Raises or 3×20 seconds Butt Squeeze

-3×10 sec RKC Plank (squeeze entire body as hard as possible)

-1×10 Goblet Squat

-10 Medicine Ball Slams

-Continuous 1 Arm/suitcase Carry x3 each arm (down and back 1 arm then switch)


Back Squat 5×10 same weight (will be adding 5-10lbs each workout-start conservative)

OH Press 3×5 w/ same weight (will add weight each workout by 5lbs)

Hypertrophy Circuit x 3 (rest 30-45 seconds once circuit is complete)

Plate Front Raises x 20

Plate Triceps Extensions x 20

Hammer Curls x 20

Trunk/Abs/Posterior Chain

Goblet Carry x 3 x 40 yards

Back Raise/Reverse Hyper/DB RDL 50-100 reps


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