“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on days when you feel good.”

Jerry West

The importance of staying course is written about in books like Steven Pressfield’s, The War of Art. Staying the course is synonymous with “Do the Work” from Pressfield’s writings. Staying the course means doing the plans for the day whether you feel like it or not. Of course, going overboard and being a slave to your lists is not ideal. Discerning the difference, however, is the key to long term success.

NOT staying the course results in the failure to achieve your worthy goals. It leads to stress and anxiety because you veered off your path due to laziness and excuses. It could lead to depression.

Stay the course. Don’t let your mind or body trick you. There are days in training when your body will tell you it’s tired. These are the days where a personal record (PR) happens eerily. On game day or race day, the body and mind can feel tired or fatigued – and they very well might be, but IGNORING these feelings can lead you to a whole new level. It’s happened with me during training where I’ve hit PR’s on lifts when my body was aching. Again, being smart with when and when not to push is important. I’ve had an athlete on race day tell me he didn’t feel too good and he hit a PR. Weeks earlier I told him his body is going to lie to him; that he needs to shut it off and go regardless of how he feels. He believed it and it worked.

Staying the course has implications each day. Stay the course with whatever goal you are pursuing. Even if it is a small step, it is one in the right direction and will create momentum.

How are you going to do well when everything aligns if you don’t practice doing well when shit hits the fan?


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