“You didn’t wake up today to be mediocre. So never settle for something that is just ‘good enough.’ You were put here to challenge yourself and see how far you can push your limits. Never stop moving forward and never stop giving it your all.”

Bobby Maximus

I often say fear and stress will never be eliminated. They be present day after day. Today you defeated the fear by doing the thing you were afraid to do. Today you did the things on your checklist, helping to reduce the stress.

But each day fear and stress will come back, hungry to see if you will fall prey to them. How do we dispel the fear? Acting with courage each day allows the muscle to grow stronger. With each courageous act, we adapt to the feeling of fear. It slowly starts to lose its strong hold on us. The action may not be a huge, heroic event either. It could be speaking up, lifting a weight you haven’t lifted before, approaching a girl, or smiling at every stranger. If you haven’t been fully living, a courageous event may be one of the simplest things but it still matters. The same process occurs with stress.

Stress is going to be in your life. How you view it is the most important thing you can do. Kelly McGonigal goes into detail about the importance of your perception of stress in relation to health in the video below. But let’s look at the day to day stress. How do we master ourselves and master stress?

-Do the most important task first

-Start small with 2-3 things to check off for the day

-Strategize on stress relieving activities like exercise, walking, deep breathing, meditation, etc

-Practice the habit of meta-cognition – thinking about your thinking – Why am I thinking this and how can I view it in a better way?

Practicing the art of looking at everything in life as a challenge and opportunity to grow will promote a growth mindset. The alternative is to have a fixed mindset; things are burdens and why me statements arise.

Go get what you are worth. Practice mastering yourself, do the thing you’re afraid to do, and do the most important task of the day FIRST.


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