“The problem with making an extrinsic reward the only destination that matters is that some people will choose the quickest route there, even if it means taking the low road. Indeed, most of the scandals and misbehavior that have seemed endemic to modern life involve shortcuts.”

Daniel Pink from his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

On the path to worthy goals and achievements, shortcuts will present themselves. Do you take them? In the moment it can feel like a great choice. You’ve been working hard and finally caught a break. But what about the feeling in your gut telling you this feels odd – doesn’t feel right?

“Short cuts make long delays.”

J.R.R Tolkien

One skill overlooked is hard-work. Hard-work is a SKILL. Many talk about it as this thing people are born with and it discredits the years of commitment to the virtue of hard work. If you can practice the skill of hard-work in everything you do, the long-term pay off is going to be tremendous. Experiences will lend you the smarts to help you work HARDER AND SMARTER. But don’t start working smarter and not working harder. In fact, my definition of working smarter at the beginning IS working harder. It’s the smartest thing you could do in the beginning.

Get up, take action, and commit. The hustle it takes to achieve what you want is beyond your current comfort levels. Put all your effort in the goal you are going towards. Utilizing your time wisely is an important part of the equation. Wake up early, do your most important task first, and build momentum. Refuse to hit the snooze button. Refuse short cuts.

Rituals help with building momentum. Ask yourself, “if I did these things first thing in the morning, how would I feel?” Then do those things. Start small. Maybe it’s exercise – maybe it’s reading – or maybe it’s meditating.

Hustle – Execute – Shine


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