“You become what you think about all day long.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The people who have known me since I was young would say I was an all or nothing person. I would be obsessed with a certain thing and go all in towards it. My immaturity led me with little foresight and I went towards things that were short term. Soon, I would stop and start something else or go into a blame game with my inner conversations. I would blame myself most of the time.

Through trials and trials of this journey I began to become mentally stronger. I began to be a more empathetic and compassionate person to myself. So when I made mistakes it wasn’t the end of the world. And the things I became obsessed with became more in line with my calling.

There was a lot of wasted time muddling around in mediocrity. Being half in and scared to truly shine. Being a person who wanted it but didn’t do it all the time. The call to action, as Joseph Campbell would say (See Hero’s Journey) was the part of the journey I had not embarked on yet.

And then there was a turning point. The barbell, the mentors, and the hard work gave me the avenue to become the best version of myself. It still inspires me to this day – but now I am a coach and the path to be the best there is lives in me. It is not an arrogant sentiment, it’s a challenge to myself to do whatever it takes to take me on the journey – to BECOME a stronger version of myself. It’s about who I am becoming in the PROCESS. 

My magnificent obsession gets me going at 4am in the morning. It boils in me when I’m motivated. It bothers me when I’m tired. It yells at me when I’m fatigued.

I’ve lost a little patience for people who don’t do what it takes yet say they want it all. Being that person in my past I still have perspective but I treat those people like I would treat myself – bold and unadulterated honesty. Employing compassion and empathy is important. Bringing people along at their own pace instead of all or nothing is a great long term approach. Sometimes, however, instilling a FIRE instead of people is necessary! SHOCKING the body works – stressing the body works for growth – it works for the mind too.

Take the call to action and start your journey. Never look back at the people you left behind. They will support you if they really love you. If not, good riddance. You NEED to begin your journey today. Don’t wait till Monday. Someday NEVER COMES. 



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