Week of September 13th – September 18th


CEO Strength Coach by Ron McKeefrey

Halfway through Coach McKeefrey’s book I am happy I purchased it. Coach McKeefrey’s content, podcast (Iron Game Talk Chalk), and wisdom has been a wealth of information for me. I have become better through his Strength Coach Basic Training Course and knew that this book would be a must read. Countless coaches have recommended it as well. Get your hands on it!


After 6-8 weeks of Max Shank’s push-up and squat 8 minute ritual, I’ve decided to move in a different direction.

After a “hangover” of sorts after National Guard Drill and the PT Test, I realized the ritual I performed in the morning (push ups and squats) needed to be replaced. The progression is to go back to reading right away in the morning. Last spring I read 15 books in 6 weeks. With an hour each morning this ritual of reading will help expand my foundation in different disciplines.

The physical ritual in the weight room is the following:

100 face pulls – 100 pull aparts – 100 back raises – 50 reverse hypers 

Band Face Pull

Band Pull Apart

Back Raise

Reverse Hyper

This training ritual will allow me to grow the strength in my back – remember:

“Don’t ask for a light load, but rather ask for a strong back.”- Unknown

Weight Room Tool:

ROGUE Reverse Hyper

Same video as above showing Mark Bell from Supertraining.tv on behalf of ROGUE Fitness explaining the how to’s and why’s.

YouTube Video:

“George Leeman takes Mark Bell and Silent Mike through his deadlift setup and throws out a bunch of useful tips that you can use in your own deadlift to make it STronger.


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”

Joseph Campbell

One of my favorite parts of the week is this Friday “What I’m Loving, Doing, Using, & Reading” because it’s another extrinsic motivator to move me towards learning and doing more. Being intrinsically motivated, it helps to have some extrinsic motivation to push myself further.

I hope you get something out of these. Leave a comment if you do! Have a great weekend!


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