My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.

Michael Jordan

Weakness and vulnerability are necessary on your path to becoming a stronger version of yourself. Brene Brown is a great researcher/speaker on this topic. See her TED Talks on Shame and Vulnerability.

But weakness of the mind is a disease. It must be squashed immediately. And it will never leave. It is human nature. Making it one of your TOP priorities will take you further than you could imagine.

If you stop every time your mind tells you to during exercise (not debilitating injuries), you lose.

If you continue past your mind’s weakness—its want to be comfortable and cozy—you activate your courage muscle. And when you activate your courage muscle you move closer to your best self.

IF you do this DAILY in the small moments and opportunities that present themselves, you continue to multiply your courage muscle. Soon after repeating this habit of pushing past the weakness in your mind you become an unstoppable force. You may not “win” every time but you will be UNBREAKABLE. And being unbreakable is possessing the courage necessary to listen to your heart and take action.


There’s always a million reasons NOT to do something. And they may be GOOD reasons.

But if the THING you are pursuing is IMPORTANT enough you will find a way.


You will find you are GREATER THAN YOUR EXCUSES.

You will find you are GREATER THAN YOUR PAST.

You will realize you are ENOUGH.


You will realize the power of the statement, YES I CAN!


4 thoughts on “Passage of the Day: Weakness of the Mind

  1. Never let someone else’s fear of failure/weak mind diminish your mind set. I rather fall down and gain the strength and retain the lessons learned to get my self back up to exercise those courage muscles than not utilize them.

    I love these Passage of the Day; It’s like a “Pre-workout supplement for my mind” every morning.

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