5 Articles to read & digest this week

Article 1:

Title: 10 Business Questions you need to ask yourself when starting your fitness brand

Author: Mike Dewar


“To me, it is the identity that is given to a set of beliefs, philosophies, desires, and personalities that are willing to stand together to represent something bigger than themselves.
Determining who you are as a brand is a groundbreaking experience, one that changes and is fluid throughout it’s existence. Although you may have changed some from your college days, you are still made up of a few traits and ideals that govern your day to day pursuits.”

Dewar goes into the specifics of what it takes to gain a following. Lots of helpful tips in there that go beyond fitness and branding.

Article 2

Title: Deadlift Variation That BUILDS Massive Grip and Core Strength for MMA

Author: Mike Rojas


“Grip is one the qualities most important to MMA”. (note: very important in basketball, football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and even soccer for throw ins)

Paraphrasing: Advanced version of a deadlift: Load up one side of bar (collar included) and set up with an underhand grip closest to the end of the bar and overhand towards the middle. Set up the same as a conventional deadlift. Heavy enough to elicit an effect but light enough to do it properly.If too advanced, substitute 1 arm carry’s until able to execute 1 sided Deadlifts. Use every 3-4 weeks to de load the body from heavier loads while still getting a great training stimulus 

Article 3

Title: 4 secrets to getting anybody on the phone, from someone who talked to Warren Buffet

Author: Betty Liu


1. You never know who’s listening or watching what you do.

2. “Have a credible background”

3. “Don’t expect calls returned.” (my notes: keep trying until you get a cease and assist letter—keep up to date with their life, writings, etc to prepare for when you DO get the meeting)

4. Be a net giver (notes: send this person things they would be interested in reading, watching, etc)

5. “Watch and consume as much information on the person as you can” (blends with #3)

Article 4

Title: The best answers to your clients’ top 10 nutrition questions

Author: John Berardi and Brian St. Pierre


“Truth is, it’s hard work answering them all. There are different schools of thought, lots of conflicting advice, and so many trendy panaceas promising to solve every problem. It’s tough coming up with definitive advice.

Of course, when you do come up with a single answer, you have to be sure it takes into account the context and nuance of each particular client. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. A helpful response for a college linebacker could be detrimental for a 30-year-old mom.”

A top 10 list of questions, helpful points of view, and links to past articles give you everything you need as a coach to be successful. The people at Precision Nutrition are in a class of their own. Great articles coming out of their camp routinely.

Article 5 

Title: 10 things every successful fitness and nutrition coach does

Author: John Berardi, Ph.D.


“What makes for a successful fitness and nutrition coach? It’s not just what you know… it’s what you do (every day). Here are some of the practices elite coaches use to get results. Keep track of how many you’ve mastered.”

Dr. Berardi goes into great detail on what the best do.

In summation,

  1. Connect with clients
  2. Find out the WHY
  3. Share with the competition
  4. Do less
  5. Master the basics
  6. Here what they don’t want to hear
  7. Know when to talk and when to listen
  8. Share mistakes and failures
  9. Don’t use always, should, never
  10. Ask for help – get their own coach

That’s another installment of the weekly digest. I’m cutting down the length of the article and going more into summation mode. Because if you want to read it, you will. And if I think it’s worth writing a whole post on an article, I’ll do that.

Start your Monday with some reading and kick this week’s ass.


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