“What separates a lot of the great people we read about in our history books from those we’ve never heard of is the fact that they never quit.

Quitting was never an option.

They only stopped when they reached their dream. And even then, they created a new mission.”

Source here: The Top 10 Things Successful People Do To Reach Their Dreams

Working towards something is one of the principles I live by. It gets me going. It’s what gets me up at 4am. It’s what keeps me from boredom. It keeps me excited. Set a goal and work long and hard towards it.

When will you hit your goal? When you’re READY. When life gives you the opportunities to learn, struggle and overcome so that you gain the courage, strength, and mental toughness–you MIGHT be ready.

Process > Outcome

Be the Hero in your own story.

I truly believe my life to be a video game/movie where I am the hero, the main character. The challenges I face and the things present in my life are simply ways to grow, improve, struggle with, and eventually triumph over. It may take many, many attempts to get it right. It may feel like time for me to go another route (and sometimes quitting isn’t a bad thing, check out Martin Rooney here on this topic) but pressing on through the pain, through the disappointments, through the difficulty to come out the other side is what a Hero would do in the movies.

Turn pain into strength.

Use the lessons learned for good.

Build up those around you so they are better for coming into contact with you.

Ultimately, EFFORT is the path to MASTERY.

Do what it takes on your own Hero’s Journey to be someone who is worthy of a blockbuster hit.

Book Recommendations from this post:

1. Mastery by Robert Greene

2. The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell


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