Week of August 17-21st


Nordic Naturals fish oil 

I have known about nordic naturals for a while but I hesitated to purchase. After not consuming fish oil for some time I gave it a shot. I should mention that Dr. Rhonda Patrick was the catalyst to this experiment. She talked about the EPA/DHA fatty acid profile and it made sense.

Here is where I became interested:

Kitchen tool:
Automated coffee maker Hamilton Beach


Iron Game Chalk Talk Episode 80: Tim “Red” Wakeham – Training (Neck Down); Coaching (Neck Up)

This weekly podcast is hosted by Ron McKeefrey who is a pioneer in the strength and conditioning industry. He is an inspiration to many and a wealth of knowledge. Coach McKeefrey has a book coming out in the next few weeks too, check it out.

This podcast is applicable to leadership, coaching, and mental toughness.


 Neck Training

Neck training is important for collision sports and general lifestyle. Perturbations can cause the brain to rattle around. Dr. Mark Gordon talks about this on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Daily Push up and Squat (continued from last week)
Max Shank inspired 5 minute Mobility Flow


“On one level, wisdom is nothing more than the ability to take your own advice.”
– Sam Harris

Did you like this weeks stuff? Leave a comment, try one (mobility flow in the morning) and live well.


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