Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take the road less traveled. Go where others have failed. Take the risk and invoke your spirit’s courage to press on through the darkness.

Have you ever taken the safe way?

Are you risk averse?

What holds you back from traveling towards your fears?

I can tell you that my fears held me back and still do sometimes. The fears are resistance (see War of Art by Steven Pressfield) and are lying to you. But, fear will always be there. The question is, do you listen? 

Acting with courage in the face of fear is the antidote. It’s like a muscle. Similar to listening to your “gut” or instincts. You may not always come out on top, but the muscle gets stronger. Same thing in the gym. If you are doing near or limit lifts (maxing out) you will not succeed every time. But you will hopefully learn something. You will gain the knowledge from that attempt.

Any venture in life is the same. Are you fearful in talking to your boss? Are you scared to approach a girl? Are you nervous and scared to get started on a new venture?

There is no guarantee for success but their is a guarantee for TRUE failure and that is not even getting started. 

We all suck when we start out. It takes time. By taking the first step we will have moved further than most.

I remember starting off as an intern at my undergraduate school as a senior when most of the interns started as freshman or sophomores! I felt incredibly behind. I looked at them at even told them they were doing so well and how I’d wished I would’ve started earlier. But I worked tremendously hard each day to improve my stock. And eventually it led me to become the first Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at a University (over 100 year old university). Now I got lucky, things fell in my favor, but I worked very hard to get here.

The question is, what would’ve happened if I didn’t approach the intern-coordinators about interning with them? I was scared that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, and strong enough to grace their presence. It was intimidating. I put it off for too long and finally a LITTLE courage solved it.

You can do the same thing. Act with a little courage in the direction of your fears. Whatever you fear, go towards it. You will become incredibly stronger each time you do it and serve as an inspiration to those around you.

Shine your light!


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