Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James

Act as if. Three simple words that carry tremendous value. Acting as if is something that has changed my life. The more I focus on acting as if, the closer I become to the man I dreamt of when I was a little boy. It’s the man and coach I wanted to become when I began training.

Acting as if is simple, but not easy. It takes a one-track focus on the moment. “Act as if what you do makes a difference” is profound. I’ve been acting like this for the past 2 weeks and have seen noticeable changes in myself and those I interact with. They can see my enthusiasm for what they are doing and I feel great being able to serve them and their situation. Serving others is my “One Word” via Jon Gordon this year.

It’s fine and dandy to pick a word or phrase but harder to fully live it. I thought I knew what I was doing but acting as if has taken care of living my words.

Acting as if has allowed me to serve the people I want—athletes and coaches at Dakota State University to my fullest capacity. There will be better methods and I will learn as I grow. However, the basic act of serving others and acting as if will bring me further than a man/woman with supreme knowledge with no desire to serve.

The challenge is to find something in your life your are passionate about, a word you want to live fully this year, and act as if it matters—because it DOES.

As the sole member of the Strength & Conditioning Staff it could and sometimes has been easy to not act as if. Going on 3 years now I have learned a few things, however.

  1. Make it big time where you are at
  2. Act As IF the person interviewing you for your dream job is closely watching how you conduct yourself
  3. Treat everyone with respect and remember it’s not about me but about the athletes and coaches I serve

What is your One Word?

How will you act as if?


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