It’s not the best team that wins, it’s the team that plays the best. 

Each moment of our lives is special. We have opportunities around us every single day to make a difference, be healthy, turn someone’s day around, and be someone people say, “we need more people like him/her around.”

Each moment, each “play”, gives us these opportunities. Talking to the college football team I train at their team meeting I made clear that the best play isn’t on the field. It happens in every moment.

Play the best when it counts. Play the best by having a bedtime and morning ritual. One that calms you down, shuts down electronics, and breathes. A ritual in the morning to get you energized to attack the day.

Play the best in your nutrition and diet. Eat 1 more veggie per day than you did last week. Drink a gallon of water or more–specifically 20-30 ounces when you wake up. Eat 20 grams of protein every 3-4 hours. Choose adult foods and avoid kiddie foods like pop, candy, and chips.

Play the best in your training. Attack each day with an attitude. It all comes back to mental toughness with these tasks. Each rep is a focused, in the moment set of time dedicated to move explosively. Your partner’s reps are encouraged to bring energy to those around you.

Play your best in recovery and rejuvenation. Ice bath on Friday’s before the Saturday game. Ice bath after Saturday’s game. Use hot/cold contrast showers to boost recovery. Use epsom salt warm baths to aid in recovery. Deeply breath for 5-10 minutes a day. Use the sauna 2x week for 15 minutes.

Play your best in your relationships with your coaches and teammates. Confront difficult situations when they arise, head on. But do so in an effectively communicative way. Yelling at someone in front of 20 peers will breed defensiveness. Take them to the side and talk to them, but be confident. Respect and trust your teammates and coaches. They will make mistakes, but so will you. Trusting that these people want to be the best they can be, allow for mistakes to be corrected and learned from.

Playing your best every day will prepare you for the challenges that are unseen on the road ahead. Not preparing each day by playing at less than your best is preparing for mediocrity.

I would rather die than be mediocre.

It’s not the best team that wins, it’s the team the plays the best


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