Things in their excess become their opposite”

Tim Ferris, The 4 Hour Workweek

One of the biggest lessons from Tim Ferris’ content is to automate. And I need to give credit to Ryan Holiday and Craig Ballantyne as well for their influences as well. Automation of mundane and basic tasks helps us to become more organized and structured—forming an environment for freedom and creativity.

Structure before Freedom. Build the structure in your life and allow the freedom to take its natural course afterwards. Doing it the opposite way leads to nothing getting done. If you have no structure and are willy nilly about everything it is difficult to stay on task. This is where Routines & Rituals come into play.

And remember, things in excess become their opposite. Too much structure kills creativity just like too much freedom doesn’t allow you to get anything done. Become a master of yourself and master your habits. Check out My Morning Routine for ideas.

Shine Your Light


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