An exercise index of some of the exercises we do at Dakota State University. Not all encompassing by any means and watching some of the videos I find myself wanting to re-create some with better technique! But that’s all apart of the growth process. Never stop learning, keep pushing forward, and press on.

More videos will come and I plan on doing an updated video series with new exercises, better technique on some exercises 🙂 and a video series explaining why we do what we do.

Stay Tuned and I hope you enjoy the video’s!


Part 1: Mobility/Foam Rolling/Stretching

Part 2: Push-ups and Bench Press Variations

Part 3: Rows, Presses, and Pull Up’s

Part 4: Swings/Snatches/Cleans/Jerks

Part 5: Squats and Deadlifts

Part 6: Medicine Ball

Part 7: Medicine Ball Part II


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