“People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”

As a Man Thinketh

Reading has changed my life. By the end of this month I will have read 15 books in a little over 2 months. But it’s not the end result of reading 15 books that is life changing. It’s the process. The note taking while I’m reading, which takes me longer to finish. The habit of sticking to reading every day. The creativity and ideas that come from things I haven’t read before. Aldous Huxley said,

“Every person who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting.”

It’s amazing, this life. At the touch of a button we have anything we want. Most of us have a home, a car, a bed, fresh water, a toilet, and food. We have the necessities and more! Read a chapter a day. But you say I have no time, I’m busy. Busy isn’t watching Netflix. Busy isn’t wasting time on Instagram and Pintrest. It’s all how you prioritize your time. And I challenge you to change one poor habit that is wasting your time to 15 minutes of reading or 1 chapter a day. It just might change your life.

Start here for a good, easy start to get the ball rolling.


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