You will be what you will to be;

Let failure find its false content

In that poor word, “environment,”

But spirit scorns it, and is free

It masters time, it conquers space;

It cows that boastful trickster, Chance, 

And bids the tyrant Circumstance

Uncrown, and fill a servant’s place.

The human Will, that force unsee, 

The offspring of deathless Soul,

Can hew a way to any goal,

Though walls of granite intervene.

Be not impatient in delay,

But wait as one who understands;

When spirit rises and commands, 

The gods are ready to obey

As a Man Thinketh, James Allen

Put your best foot forward today. Instead of starting a new habit today, QUIT an old one that is not serving you in the direction you want to go. Put faith and courage in your corner. Eliminate negativity and when there is some of that, use it to your advantage. Turn it into a lesson—an opportunity. Capitalize on EVERYTHING. Remember, thoughts without action is like masturbation, it just feels good. Everything starts with the thought but MUST be followed through with decisive action. I believe in you today.

“Thoughts of courage, self-reliance, and decision crystallize into manly habits, which solidify circumstances of success, plenty, and freedom…Thoughts of fear, doubt, and indecision crystallize into weak, unmanly, and irresolute habits, which solidify into circumstances of failure, indigence, and slavish dependence.”

As a Man Thinketh, James Allen


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