Daily rituals are a budding topic and for good reason. The most productive people adopt personalized rituals and it becomes part of their life. Going further, Rules to Live By are an important part of being a man or woman of integrity. It helps to stick to your guns and reduces your use of willpower. Willpower is a finite resource and as you go through the day, it becomes easier to choose something outside of your wheelhouse in different areas (nutrition, tv, etc). Rules to Live By give individuals power over their lives.

Jason Ferruggia inspired me to create a list after reading one of his articles a while back. Choosing to adopt Rules to Live By is one of the best additions to my own life.

  1. Read every day (15 books by April 30th-75 by next February)
  2. Breathe everyday (consciously—belly breathing)
  3. Complement at least one person each day
  4. Say hello people as they pass by (use names if you know them)
  5. Do not use negativity online—positivity or nothing
  6. Limit or no coffee after Noon
  7. KISS (material items)
  8. Eat meat (aim for quality), drink black coffee (3-4 cups), drink straight whiskey (responsibly)
  9. Limit Ice cream to 1-2 times per month
  10. Train hard and set PR’s
  11. Eat 2 raw garlic cloves each day (something to work on)
  12. Floss 1x per day
  13. Use obstacles as opportunities (Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday)
  14. Listen/Read one motivational/inspirational quote each day
  15. Forget being realistic
  16. Restrict cell phone use when with people
  17. Start the day before it’s finished (write down most important tasks)
  18. Drink 1 gallon of water each day
  19. Leave things better than how I found it (people, weight room, etc)
  20. Quality sleep (dark, cooler room and limit technology before bed)
  21. Hold the door open for the next person

This list will grow and change as reflection on it occurs. The key thing to take away is that by sitting down and writing your own list it will help give structure to your life. Creativity is tremendously important but without a structure within it to flow, it becomes wild and unproductive.

Flow within the structure through daily rituals and rules to live by.

“Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” 

Chuang Tzu


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