“Hard work doesn’t make you tired, a bad attitude does.”

Jon Gordon

Over the past few months there has been a shift in productivity—a shift in mindset. The things that were once difficult have become a bit easier. I thought I was being strong. I thought I was being positive. But my actions were not aligning with my thoughts. And the inaction sprouted doubts inside of me, pushing the positivity and excitement of life into the corner. It’s taken 25 years to feel this visceral, deep feeling. And that’s life and learning. It takes a deep, visceral feeling to change a deeply ingrained feeling sometimes. How do you change? How do you turn into a gorilla, pushing fear to the side? 

The shift in mindset starts with action. Do it whether you feel like it or not. The easiest way to shut your brain off and squash self-doubt is to do the thing.

“Do the thing and you will have the power.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s not about liking what you are doing. It’s about greatness. You will not like everything you do on the path to becoming the strongest version of yourself. You will not succeed in everything either. The shift occurs once you realize you have everything within you to be the best you. The best you fails, gets up, grows, and takes action again. The cycle revolves around knowing and understanding the strongest people fall down and get up a stronger person because of it. 

“It is easier to act your way into thinking and feeling than it is to think and feel your way into action”

Brian Cain

Practical Steps to Aid Action:

1. Quality Sleep

Sleep is the key to success. If you work well on less sleep, great. But if you are training hard you will need 8+ hours of sleep.

2. Morning Rituals

Doing the same thing every morning will energize you and minimize distractions. Check out http://mymorningroutine.com/ for ideas.

3. Take action towards one of your BIG dreams/goals 

Moving towards what your gut draws you to without sabotaging the rest of your life will bring excitement to your day. The key is to do the work each day. Pair this with your morning ritual.

4. WIN — What’s Important Now?

Using this acronym from Brian Cain to ask yourself this question helps refocus. Do the most important task right away in the morning and create momentum for the day.

5. Move Your Body

The body is the mind. Train. If you have to start with walking, that’s ok. It’s a great way to free your mind. But you must move your body. We’ve got this monkey energy inside of us and if it is held inside, we become prisoners of our minds and bodies.

6. Finish the day before it starts

Writing down what you need to get down the night before gives you momentum and the mindset going into the next day. There are no questions what needs to get done. You write, you see it, you read it in the morning. It’s not hocus pocus. You’re simply seeing it more.

“Remember, it’s the start that stops most people”

Brian Cain


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